House of Saturn


We traveled through the groto on our way to the Kingdom of Gibaya. First we encountered a village of Gibian-ites. They were simple and fearful of us, but we overcame that and provided spiritual and Scientific support. Wolf communed with the people, Danielle provided fortune readings, and I advised on Science.

Next we came upon a village of Assholites to a warmer welcome, and followed the same routine. Wolf encountered a woman who concerned about her son, who serves in the kings army. Through Science we learned that his fate was tied to a time locked event and moved on to the capital, Gibaya to learn more.

In the capitol we met King Taluk the Wise and his five son, along with the aforementioned woman’s son, Private Pedro De-Danielle. Per the Prophet’s instruction, who appoints the king and can replace him as needed, there were orders to eradicate a caravan of Azure-lites. This did not sit well with us or the king, so we attempted to investigate the matter before executing the order. There was no threat or reason to massacre these people, so with our moral support Taluk refused the order.

Having returned to the capitol, the prophet called out the king for failure. We in turn called out the prophet for the lack of honor in this action and combat ensued. Having suffered damage in combat we were eventually corresponded far away, a mountain top, and escaped from there on Rocs. Thereafter a guiding spirit lead us to hut in which the Witch of Endor conversed with us before returning us our chantry.

With the excursion concluded, we decided we must return to Gibiya to repair the unrest this realm of Mars has fallen in to. At that time, I spent seven month in the time chamber healing my agravated wounds and learning a third rank of Correspondence.



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