House of Saturn

Mission Complete

Our plan to pose as a buyer to learn of Carl Jr.‘s supplier. Daniel divined Jr.’s location, erroneously, so we learned about traveling through the “Umbra.” Having checked other locations, were eventually tipped of by the ATF to his location. He was on a train, and we pursued him by stepping sideways in front of the train, thanks to Daniel’s directions. We fled back to the umbra and paradox-ed back into the train after something went wrong. The train was speeding out of control and we arrested the breaks with entropy. In the resulting mayhem, we ran off with the product. Having made our escape, I called the ATF for a pickup but received a call that we were compromised and need to head to a safe-house. This was a set-up. Turns out Peter the Spider had been trying to steal the Tass from Carl and we negotiated safe passage and information. Carl was getting the product form a Cult of Ecstasy mage name Francesco Vivaldi, club and small hoodlum gang owner. Carl had crossed him, and thus invoked the train incident. The ATF said they will pursue him and contracted us to store the remaining Tass for the fee of two a month.



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