House of Saturn

Notes - 032016

Plan is to have Bruce pose as a buyer, meet with Carl Junior, and see what leads turn up.

Drove the truck into the Umbra to expedite travel.

First location paid out in three pills.

Second stop was a bust.

Received a call from Leroy about Carl Jr. He’s on the Subway. Attempting to pursue, we would up on the wrong side of an incoming Subway train. We managed to escape with minimal damages. Encountered an angry spirit; decided it was best not to arm it with quintessence.

Found Carl on the Subway.
Some kind of correspondence jammer was on the subway.
Had to jump out of the umbra to stay on the train.
Prevented a terrible accident, and jumped ship via umbra with the goods.

Hexed by a kinfolk Potentially wererat or werespider. Clearly after the package.

Exchanged 1/2 the package to a werespider in exchange for information: Peter the spider.

Francisco Vivaldi owns a club in West Hollywood.
Wants to sell the pills. Carl supposedly underhanded the employer, likely a mage from the Cult of Ecstasy. Carl is now likely dead.

Reported back to the ATF with the remaining package. We will hold the stash in the Chantry in exchange for two quintessence per month.



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