House of Saturn

Notes 040316

Made preparations to visit the kingdom in the grotto for the King’s daughter’s wedding.

Encountered a settlement of locals. Provided basic relief, instruction, and prophecy. Gained favor with these people. Ubianites.

Second settlement contains the Azolites. Larger than the first settlement. Present are envoys from the capitol who were expecting our arrival. Our presence was seen as one of divine power.

Learned king is named Taluk the Wise.

The prophet has ordered the King to attack and destroy the Azorite caravans leaving town. After the first wave, we discovered the caravan was not composed of soldiers, but rather unarmed noncombatants. After consideration, the king let them go.

At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the prophet revealed himself. When he found we advised the king of his choice, he attacked. We lost the encounter, and he sent us out to a far corner or the world.

Pause to formulate plan.
Plan is to call upon spirits for Guidance. Spirit of Saturn, Spirit or Mars, and local spirit, maybe of desert.

Followed a Firefly to a hut, home of the Witch of Endor. After council, the greater portion of the party returned to the chantry, leaving Wolf behind in the Grotto.



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