House of Saturn

Notes - 050116

LBJ dropped news of a job in Chicago where some renegade group of vampires is mixing blood with the QDrug from earlier and putting it out on the streets.

Meeting up with the Prince of Chicago. Stretch McGee is his contact. Name is Loden.

Werewolves of Chicago.
Gonrex “One-Eye” runs the West Chicago.
The Famine run the North side out of Linkin Park.

Maybe 70-100 vampires in Chicago. Only 40-some werewolves.

Currently October 20th.
Friday. Meeting at the Club at 8:30 pm.

Arrive at Grand Central. Going to the core of the city.

Meet with the Prince. Gave us three contacts. First one we met with was a club owner, a vampire. Porcha.

Visit the Chantry of Chimerie. Acquired photos.
Ghosts in the Chantry are loosely enslaved. They go on about a girl and a fire.
The house beside the chantry burned down in the 20s. Stayed an open lot for about 40 years. Rebuilt as a bank.

Leaders of the Sabat are the Black Hand. They are a major power that is “ready to crush Chicago.”



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