House of Saturn

Notes - 051516

Bruce met up with us in Chicago.

Porcha was a Greek girl who died. All of the woman look alike. Also long history of women marrying useless/unmemorable men and disappear. Around age 25ish.
Porcha and Elektra look age 25. Names include Electria, Mara, Porcha, Melinda Galbrett
Extensive research in family history.

Turf war between vampires and werewolves.
The demon-mancing mages are working with the spiral werewolves.

Bellard Horg Bullard corrupt entrepreneur in 1800. Son appears from nowhere and looks much like his father. Currently controlled b Bullard V. International company. Suspicion of corruption, but no evidence. Those who take legal action against the company die, broken legs and bullet to head.

Melinda died in 1700s. Died/disappeared in Mexico City. Other Melindas have appeared in Mexico City as recently as recently as 1990.

Current Porcha entered Chicago scene about one year ago. No known history before then.

Arrived at Fat Luigi’s to meet with Horatio



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