House of Saturn

Two Month in a Night

I have asked Daniel to teach me Time, in exchange for my teaching him Correspondence. Both Spheres have locked rooms, and both of could access one that the other could not. To decide who when first, we partook in Certamen. I emerged victorious at the cost of will power, and only due to Daniel forgoing Quintessence. Thus, I conceded to teach him first, but he decided to educate me on teaching first.

We spent two month in the time chamber to accomplish our goals. Additionally, I found an oil lamp containing a djin in the server room, and promptly stashed it in the mek shop.

From the Subway to the Docks

Our plan to ’nab the supplier did not go as anticipated. When no one showed up at the house, we broke in and found a hidden access in to the new subway expansion. The area was saturated with crude anti-correspondence device further inquiry and an untimely phone call from Daniel attracted the attention of the criminal scum operating there in. Our subsequent escape afforded as the opportunity to capture one of our pursuers.

With Bruce’s help we were able to convince the crook that he had been captured by federal agents and he enlighten us on the operation. Dan did not feel it necessary to euthanize this one, and we released him back in the wild to reward him for his cooperation. We learned that the product was being moved by subway to the docks. Some Juan was their contact at the docks and Carl Jr upstream. More importantly, their primary haul was technocratic forces “cans”.

The ATF had info on Carl, and agreed to send law enforcement to handle the docks. We headed to long beach to investigate the destination ship and found what we later learned was the “Sri Lankan Dream” register under a different name and owned by a Libyan millionaire who has been dead for twenty years. I fear the “turbo pills” may come in to play during the raid, and will advise the cabal to participate in the raid for the sleepers’ sake, provided we lack a more urgent avenue of investigation.


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