House of Saturn

Notes - 080716

Golfora is a demon who knows everyone in Chicago’s secrets.

She suggested that the House of Saturn may have previously been Nafandi.

Notes - 071016

Notes erased with browser close.

The House of Saturn chantry was build in 1844, August 7th.

Heart of chantry was of a child, the son of a cowboy and former mage.

It is likely the former selves of the House of Saturn killed the child and took his heart for the chantry.

A vampire, Porsha, allowed him to take revenge on the Sons of Saturn.

Notes - 051516

Bruce met up with us in Chicago.

Porcha was a Greek girl who died. All of the woman look alike. Also long history of women marrying useless/unmemorable men and disappear. Around age 25ish.
Porcha and Elektra look age 25. Names include Electria, Mara, Porcha, Melinda Galbrett
Extensive research in family history.

Turf war between vampires and werewolves.
The demon-mancing mages are working with the spiral werewolves.

Bellard Horg Bullard corrupt entrepreneur in 1800. Son appears from nowhere and looks much like his father. Currently controlled b Bullard V. International company. Suspicion of corruption, but no evidence. Those who take legal action against the company die, broken legs and bullet to head.

Melinda died in 1700s. Died/disappeared in Mexico City. Other Melindas have appeared in Mexico City as recently as recently as 1990.

Current Porcha entered Chicago scene about one year ago. No known history before then.

Arrived at Fat Luigi’s to meet with Horatio

Notes - 050116

LBJ dropped news of a job in Chicago where some renegade group of vampires is mixing blood with the QDrug from earlier and putting it out on the streets.

Meeting up with the Prince of Chicago. Stretch McGee is his contact. Name is Loden.

Werewolves of Chicago.
Gonrex “One-Eye” runs the West Chicago.
The Famine run the North side out of Linkin Park.

Maybe 70-100 vampires in Chicago. Only 40-some werewolves.

Currently October 20th.
Friday. Meeting at the Club at 8:30 pm.

Arrive at Grand Central. Going to the core of the city.

Meet with the Prince. Gave us three contacts. First one we met with was a club owner, a vampire. Porcha.

Visit the Chantry of Chimerie. Acquired photos.
Ghosts in the Chantry are loosely enslaved. They go on about a girl and a fire.
The house beside the chantry burned down in the 20s. Stayed an open lot for about 40 years. Rebuilt as a bank.

Leaders of the Sabat are the Black Hand. They are a major power that is “ready to crush Chicago.”

Notes - 041716

Reconvened in the Grotto.

Met with the Prophet or Mars who activated a golem that he claimed was given to him by the old prophets of Saturn. It was instructed by the prophet to destroy the enemies of Mars. It them attacked us.

We arranged a stage for combat, but ultimately, we failed.

We reset at the castle. Prepare for ambush.

The prophet of Mars pops up and messes around with the ambush. Also, he anointed Nadaniel as the new King.

We stopped the golem via paint to the forehead. The mage was still a threat.

Dan killed the warmage/prophet. Taluk the Wise also died from a flaming sphere from the sky.


We traveled through the groto on our way to the Kingdom of Gibaya. First we encountered a village of Gibian-ites. They were simple and fearful of us, but we overcame that and provided spiritual and Scientific support. Wolf communed with the people, Danielle provided fortune readings, and I advised on Science.

Next we came upon a village of Assholites to a warmer welcome, and followed the same routine. Wolf encountered a woman who concerned about her son, who serves in the kings army. Through Science we learned that his fate was tied to a time locked event and moved on to the capital, Gibaya to learn more.

In the capitol we met King Taluk the Wise and his five son, along with the aforementioned woman’s son, Private Pedro De-Danielle. Per the Prophet’s instruction, who appoints the king and can replace him as needed, there were orders to eradicate a caravan of Azure-lites. This did not sit well with us or the king, so we attempted to investigate the matter before executing the order. There was no threat or reason to massacre these people, so with our moral support Taluk refused the order.

Having returned to the capitol, the prophet called out the king for failure. We in turn called out the prophet for the lack of honor in this action and combat ensued. Having suffered damage in combat we were eventually corresponded far away, a mountain top, and escaped from there on Rocs. Thereafter a guiding spirit lead us to hut in which the Witch of Endor conversed with us before returning us our chantry.

With the excursion concluded, we decided we must return to Gibiya to repair the unrest this realm of Mars has fallen in to. At that time, I spent seven month in the time chamber healing my agravated wounds and learning a third rank of Correspondence.

Notes 040316

Made preparations to visit the kingdom in the grotto for the King’s daughter’s wedding.

Encountered a settlement of locals. Provided basic relief, instruction, and prophecy. Gained favor with these people. Ubianites.

Second settlement contains the Azolites. Larger than the first settlement. Present are envoys from the capitol who were expecting our arrival. Our presence was seen as one of divine power.

Learned king is named Taluk the Wise.

The prophet has ordered the King to attack and destroy the Azorite caravans leaving town. After the first wave, we discovered the caravan was not composed of soldiers, but rather unarmed noncombatants. After consideration, the king let them go.

At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the prophet revealed himself. When he found we advised the king of his choice, he attacked. We lost the encounter, and he sent us out to a far corner or the world.

Pause to formulate plan.
Plan is to call upon spirits for Guidance. Spirit of Saturn, Spirit or Mars, and local spirit, maybe of desert.

Followed a Firefly to a hut, home of the Witch of Endor. After council, the greater portion of the party returned to the chantry, leaving Wolf behind in the Grotto.

Training & Upgrades

In two months, Wolf and I exchanged Spirit and Correspondence training. Thereafter, I spend 14 month in the time chamber learning Prime. I also upgraded the Mage-mobile to help with stepping sideways and moving faster.

Mission Complete

Our plan to pose as a buyer to learn of Carl Jr.‘s supplier. Daniel divined Jr.’s location, erroneously, so we learned about traveling through the “Umbra.” Having checked other locations, were eventually tipped of by the ATF to his location. He was on a train, and we pursued him by stepping sideways in front of the train, thanks to Daniel’s directions. We fled back to the umbra and paradox-ed back into the train after something went wrong. The train was speeding out of control and we arrested the breaks with entropy. In the resulting mayhem, we ran off with the product. Having made our escape, I called the ATF for a pickup but received a call that we were compromised and need to head to a safe-house. This was a set-up. Turns out Peter the Spider had been trying to steal the Tass from Carl and we negotiated safe passage and information. Carl was getting the product form a Cult of Ecstasy mage name Francesco Vivaldi, club and small hoodlum gang owner. Carl had crossed him, and thus invoked the train incident. The ATF said they will pursue him and contracted us to store the remaining Tass for the fee of two a month.

Notes - 032016

Plan is to have Bruce pose as a buyer, meet with Carl Junior, and see what leads turn up.

Drove the truck into the Umbra to expedite travel.

First location paid out in three pills.

Second stop was a bust.

Received a call from Leroy about Carl Jr. He’s on the Subway. Attempting to pursue, we would up on the wrong side of an incoming Subway train. We managed to escape with minimal damages. Encountered an angry spirit; decided it was best not to arm it with quintessence.

Found Carl on the Subway.
Some kind of correspondence jammer was on the subway.
Had to jump out of the umbra to stay on the train.
Prevented a terrible accident, and jumped ship via umbra with the goods.

Hexed by a kinfolk Potentially wererat or werespider. Clearly after the package.

Exchanged 1/2 the package to a werespider in exchange for information: Peter the spider.

Francisco Vivaldi owns a club in West Hollywood.
Wants to sell the pills. Carl supposedly underhanded the employer, likely a mage from the Cult of Ecstasy. Carl is now likely dead.

Reported back to the ATF with the remaining package. We will hold the stash in the Chantry in exchange for two quintessence per month.


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